UGX - Uber.GameX

UGX is famous among the gaming society of Pakistan for numerous reasons, one of them being its energizing and heart pumping gaming atmosphere, rarely found in other events. Three days and nights of non-stop gaming are nothing less than a roller costar ride for much valued participants. From crowd chanting hilarious slogans to morale boosting buck up calls from team mates, UGX promises to create a thrilling, yet challenging atmosphere. Improvements and special arrangements are made every year to make it an even better gaming experience for the best gamers of Pakistan.

UGX, an ultimate experience of three days and two nights, participants are charged nominal and affordable registration fee to provide an ultimate environment for gaming and great value for money. To facilitate participants, pick and drop service is provided to interested participants from various major cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. Depending on number of members in each team, rooms in student hostels are allotted to provide healthy respite. All the games are played on consoles and only the most sophisticated desktop computers. Depending upon the game, few extra gadgets are also provided.

Games for UGX

UGX hosts a wide variety of games from first person shooter like Counter Strike - Global Offensive to the action packed Tekken series. Every year different games are being added or dropped in the list as per the current trends and choices in the gaming world but Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Defence of the Ancients (DotA) are one of those games that have made their mark and their status and popularity is never decreased.

Following games will be available for participants in UGX 2019 (Click the game to see the rules & regulations)

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ANC - Annual Networking Convention

NETRONiX, credited to be the largest and most active technical society of GIKI, has been entrusted the task of administering and maintaining one of the largest LAN setups in the country, leaving no stone unturned to achieve an immaculate system. Keeping in view the international trends, members of NETRONiX have conducted several networking workshops to help GIKI students better understand the network they operate within. After organizing networking workshops by renowned speakers from all over Pakistan and the success of previous ANCs, we present ANC '19.

ANC serves as a talent hunt in the networking arena of Pakistan by holding networking seminars and workshops on server/router configurations, network designing, network security and network troubleshooting.

This year, NETRONiX is taking ANC to a whole new level by introducing two separate modules for the participants to give them more variety in their learning experience.

Both the modules will be conducted within a period of two days and the participants can register for the modules of their choice beforehand.


1. Networking Debutant

Here, the participants will learn networking from scratch. They will be given lessons from Networking 101 course and they will cover the basics of networking theory.

They will get hands on experience using Linux operating system and its basic commands.

The purpose of this module is to give a basic understanding of how a computer network works will all the networking topologies involved.

2. Networking Maestro

For users who want to take networking to the next level, this is introduced as an advance networking session.

Participants will get hands-on experience setting up a network lab. They will be taught how to configure DHCP and DNS servers on their own. They will have command on configuring Cisco and Juniper switches.

The emphasis of this module will be more on hands on experience than on theory in order for the participants to learn more quickly and effectively.

The theory will, however, be covered in parallel with the practical work.

3. Tech Talks

Tech Talks is the part of the event where experts will be debating and speaking on different topics of technical interest about domains that are still under development.

The topics for this years Tech Talks are as follows:

  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computing: Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

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SnP - Shut Up n' Play

The intra GIKI event, SnP 16 hosted a wide variety of games from first person shooters like CS GO to the action packed Tekken series. Other games included

  • Fifa 16 (1x1)
  • NFS Most Wanted

Other games were arranged on consoles(PS3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii)

  • Fifa 16 (2x2)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Virtua Tennis

SnW - Shut Up n' Win

Other than the SnP (Shut Up n' Play), NETRONiX recently started hosting another intra-GIKI event since 2015, called SnW (Shut Up n' Win).

SnW provides the ultimate gaming experience for the gamers in GIKI to show their skills in a thrilling atmosphere. SnW is held in the common room of boys hostel, which is craftly transformed into a gaming arena during the event.

The games played during the event are:

  • Fifa 16
  • DOTA 2
  • NFS Most Wanted
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Counter-Strike: 1.6
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The winner of each game gets a free entry to compete in the major event organized by NETRONiX; the All Pakistan Uber.GameX.


One of Pakistan’s biggest Local Area Network with over 1500 workstations is managed by NETRONiX in GIK Institute. Not only that, but NETRONiX also manages DC++ ( a peer to peer data sharing platform) and MirC (LAN messenger).

Introductory workshops, arranged by NETRONiX are held every year for freshmen students who are not familiar with these platforms. These workshops are conducted early in the fall semester to educate these freshmen on the usage of all the platforms and also discuss any issues they might have regarding them.

Apart from the workshops for the freshmen, NETRONiX also arranges regular workshops for the members of the society. Lectures are delivered by highly educated and experienced faculty and senior society members. Interactive lectures are held on topics related to networking and technology to educate the members and improve their skills.